10% Off Mannequin Range

10% off Our ‘Mannequins with Heads’ Range   Male and Female ‘Mannequins with Heads’ now £179.10. (RRP. £199)   Mannequins are an essential part of your retail environment. Not only do they showcase your most popular or newest ranges of clothing and products, they can also bring your shop window and shop floor to life. Effect use of mannequins can catch the eye of potential customers in your shop window, and carrying the same theme onto your shop floor can entice these customers into your store.   The most important thing to remember when using mannequins in your shop windows, and throughout your store, is that as well as showcasing your products, you want customers to have a reason to buy your garments, be it for social, practical or emotional needs. Consumers need to justify making a purchase to themselves before they part with their hard earned cash.   When choosing your mannequins, think about the garments that you are going to put on them and how the pose of the mannequin will show of the style and cut of it. If you are going to show off a long dress, you aren’t going to want to put it on a mannequin that is sitting down. A more suitable mannequin would be one with a wide stance or walking pose. This will show the customer how the dress flows and moves around the body, allowing them to imagine themselves wearing it.   Looking beyond your garment as a product and instead thinking about the uses for it and how it solves a problem or fulfils a desire of your customer will not only allow you to create an eye catching mannequin display, but also make your job of selling easier as the customer has already began to justify their potential purchase.   To help you create your window and shop floor displays, we have reduced the price of your ‘Mannequins with Heads’ range. These mannequins have a diverse selection of stances and poses for you to choose from, allowing you to find the one that best suits your needs. The offer includes all Male, Female and Kids mannequins.   Click Here to view all the ‘Mannequins with Heads’ range in full.]]>

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