Creating a Show Stopping Window!!

Only chose two main colours then add a third as an accent colour. These colours will now run throughout your window theme. There is no hard and fast rule so inject some of your own personality into the colour combination. This Easter liven up the traditional lemon and lime colours with a splash of bright cerise pink! Think outside the box at all times but especially when it comes to props. Select props that you would never expect to see mixed with your products. What an impact for a customer to see a greasy old car engine in a lingerie window. I am picturing dirty rags and old gloves on the floor with heavy chains criss-crossing the window. There in the midst the most delicate, pretty, soft lingerie suspended on hangers from the chains. Crates can be suspended at different heights and used in their natural raw condition or painted. They can be filled with flowers in pots, fruit, or covered in newspaper depending on your theme or product. These are fantastic for displaying smaller items like shoes, cosmetics, gifts and accessories while creating both height and depth in your window display. The key is to keep it simple and never ever clutter the window with too much product. Obviously it depends on the size of products you sell. A fashion retailer may maximise their window with 5 items were as a gift or cosmetic retailer might chose 15 items displayed in 5 groups of 3. Always build your window so there is a definite highest point and ensure that your props, products and colours guide your customer’s eyes through the entire display. When planning your theme please do not forget the glass in your window. Here is your opportunity to place a message to reinforce your theme or promotion. Messages such as I Love My Mum, You Are Worth It, Indulge, Wicked, conjure images and create feelings. The glass can also become part of the theme by reproducing the colours and shapes from the theme onto the glass thus creating a three dimensional effect and giving depth. In smaller windows this can reduce the need for props inside. Experiment, be inventive and you will stop potential customers in their track! Now the story must continue inside… By George Lyons from Create Retailing.  George has over 25 years experience working with independent retailers in specialist areas such as merchandising, display, store layout & branding. Create Retailing has designed and successfully delivered the Retail Impact training programme tailored especially for groups of independent retailers and covering all their specialist areas. For more information: / / 07811658892.

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