Find the Products You Want, Easily

Find Our Products Easier with Our New ‘Shop By Industry’ Tab. Lets us know what you think on our Facebook Page. The ‘Shop by Industry’ tab breaks our range of products down and places them into the industries that they are most relevant for. This allows for a more fluid and user friendly navigation of our products, something we hope will save you time when finding the product you are looking for.   You will find the new tab at the top of the page, just underneath the Product Finder Search Bar. The tab is broken down into 5 Industries as you can see above: Fashion Displays; Retail Displays & Visual Merchandising; Business & Public Sector; Marketing & Advertising; Restaurants, Bars & Cafes. The product categories are then listed below the relevant industry making your product searches that bit quicker, as well as giving you extra product ideas that will keep your displays, advertising and business ahead of everyone else.   Let us know what you think of the new ‘Shop by Industry’ tab. Visit our Facebook Page today and leave your comments and suggestions about the ease of use, the product category break downs and any other thoughts you might have.]]>

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