Fly Shop Fitting System available with 10% Off

Shop Fitting System Promotion Our Fly Shop Fitting System is a contemporary and elegant shop system that looks great in any fashion retail environment, especially fashion boutiques, shoe shops and other settings looking to achieve a minimalist retail display. The flat packed system is easy to assemble with minimal effort. Other than mounting the wall brackets onto your wall, the system clips together to provide you with a fantastic looking display with the least of effort. Being sold in parts allows, you have the freedom to pick and choose the items you need to produce the display you want. Simply choose how many bays you want & whether you want them narrow or wide, choose how many connecting bars you need & whether you want to use them as hanging rails or for a glass shelf, get 2 shelf brackets for each glass shelf, and choose the length of glass shelves you need to fit onto your connecting bar. With its flat design and squared finish, this system has a subtle look that puts all the focus onto your merchandise.   Merchandising Tips   – Don’t overload the fly shop fitting system by hanging too many clothes on it. Hang a few items such as jumpers, tops and tee shirts on a top rail to attract your customers attention to the display. – Using a glass shelf underneath the hanging rail, display your trousers, skirts and accessories that match the tops to provide your customers with ideas and suggestions for complete outfits. – To emphasis your outfit suggestions even more, display the outfit on a mannequin, tailors dummy or torso beside the Fly shop fitting system.   With 10% off, our Fly system won’t be sitting around! Have a look at our Fly System section on our website here to see how you can use this shop fitting system in your shop. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call on 028 9079 9990 or send us an email and our customer advice team can answer your queries and provide expert advice on how the Fly System can work for you. ]]>

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