Clothing Rails – a simple yet effective hanging solution for garments that just can’t be beaten.

I’m sure if we looked back to when Equipashop started one of the first items that we ever stocked was the humble garment rail. Many sales phone calls we answered to someone who had bought a clothing rail from another establishment (no naming and shaming) only for it to fall apart after the volume of clothes increased.

We were, and still are proud to say that we have never had a complaint about the strength of our rails and believe me when I say that we have put them to the test. I have seen rails that were so fully stocked that it would be impossible to fit another item on them and for this, amongst many other reasons they are hard to beat.

Designs over the years haven’t changed much, there isn’t anything that needs to be improved on. Made from tubular steel, our rails are strong enough for heavy use in clothing stock rooms and can be wheeled about making it easier to transport clothes to the shop floor. They are also great for house moves, dressing rooms both at home and on movie sets/theatres. They will last a long time thanks to the durable materials they are made from.

Lately, there have been trends in the home to have garment rails out on display and while there are other options on the market such as rails with wooden features or perhaps glass there is no doubt that if it is strength and ultimate hanging you need look no further than our simple garment rail.

Our best seller has always been the heavy-duty clothes rail available in lengths of 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft. Black is the most economical in the range and for that reason is very popular. However, we have been introducing other finishes to the range which are perhaps more aesthetically pleasing to some people. These include chrome, silver, and white.

For those who require that little bit more hanging but perhaps don’t have the room for more than one rail, it is possible to add on accessories that will give you double hanging – extensions to raise the height as well as a centre bar to increase the volume of hanging. Once again, there are options available with this, from increasing height by either 30cm, 45cm, or 60cm and centre bars are available in all the same widths that the rails are. On our website, you have the option to add these items individually as per your requirements or you can purchase them as a complete unit.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you need any advice or assistance. Along with our rails we also carry a large selection of hangers from wooden through to velvet and plastic so we can supply you with everything you need to organise your clothing should that be for your retail store, stock room, or home. Check out our website Equipashop or contact us via email.

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