Increasing Retail Footfall

Increasing Retail Footfall In a competitive retail environment it is vital to make sure that your store is attracting customers and encouraging them to return. There are a number of ways to do this through promotions or the latest season’s key items. However, the image that you are projecting through your store can be the difference between a browse and a sale. The most effective way to keep your image fresh is to carry out regular merchandising; this can range from changing the window display to making sure that your key items are in high footfall areas.   Window Display In the fast changing retail environment, seasonal window display changes are no longer sufficient to attract customer’s attention. They must be fresh and eye catching, be creative and don’t be afraid to invest a little in a few key props to make your display come to life. What are the key trends? Mannequins dressed in your key items and appearing to play football on the beach would be a fresh approach to the World Cup this summer.   Signage Is your store signage fresh, clean and uniform? Is it projecting the right image? If not it may be worth considering getting all your signage and POS updated to ensure that it reflects the image that you would like to create. Tired, dated or dirty signage creates an image in the customer’s mind that the merchandise may be the same or they may expect lower prices.   Interior Design Are your shopfittings showing off your merchandise to its very best? Does the store layout fit its purpose, or do you find it cramped during busy periods? You may need to consider investing in a full interior refurbishment or simply look at new clothes rails, shopfittings systems, mannequins or a new counter. Improvements do not have to cost the earth; there are always options to fit your budget. Browse our website for ideas or contact us for advice.   Daily Cleaning This may seem obvious but 1-2 hours per day spent cleaning the store during the quiet periods is time well spent. Dust gathers very quickly and you want to be sure that it is not something that your customers can see as it creates a poor representation of your store and merchandise. This may not be possible during busy periods so would be beneficial to make sure that a rota is in place for quieter periods. A weekly or bi-weekly professional clean when the shop is closed would also make sure that the floors and awkward areas are thoroughly cleaned. If this is not an option, are you willing to take the time to do it yourself or pay your staff overtime?   Customer Service This can make a great difference between making a sale or losing a sale as well as building relationships to encourage return visits. Is your staff well-trained in relation to your store policies? This can make any customer issues or returns much smoother and more pleasant for everyone involved. In fact it could even become an opportunity for another sale, as the advisor may be able to suggest a suitable alternative. Awareness of the stock that you have is also important, in terms of fashion they can add value through teaming up key items. Electrical items require significantly more product knowledge in order to compare items and suggest the most appropriate solution for the customer.     One of the exciting things about the retail environment is that it is dynamic. If you don’t grow and change, customers assume you have nothing new to offer them. You don’t have to overhaul the entire store, but rotate merchandise, change displays, and change signage to make the customer feel that there is always something new for them to see or experience.]]>

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