Mannequins: the most important method of fashion merchandising

Equipashop stock several different types display models and mannequins including abstract, headless, realistic, tailors dummies and display forms.   Choosing a mannequin that is suitable for your needs is based upon a selection of influencing factors, namely type, condition and budget. Here are some tips on how to choose a mannequin:   Abstract Mannequins These mannequins are very popular due to their sleek, modern and even futuristic look. Our range includes faceless males and females in both straight and posed positions in gloss white or gloss black finishes. These are perfect for displaying high end fashion or younger fashion, fashion designers, museums and galleries.   Headless Mannequins This style of mannequin will provide a clean, minimalist look that is suitable for classic and modern use. Our range includes males, females and children; they are available in a range of poses and feature a realistic full body with arms, hands and legs.   Realistic Mannequins This range is designed to look like real people and Equipashop stock both top end and budget ranges. They attract second glances from passers by and can be used to create effective shop window displays. They can be used for a range of clothing retail purposes as well as props for film, television, theatre and music videos productions. They are full bodied females, males and children and are available in a variety of poses, although some have adjustable arms or torsos to create various poses.   Tailors Dummies Tailors Dummies are classic and on-trend, ideal for displaying dresses and show them off to their very best. Suitable for use for striking window displays, boutiques, exhibitions and the home. Our range includes female, male and children’s with a variety of bases different bases ranging from traditional wooden tripods to metal disc bases.   Display Forms These are a cost effective way to display your merchandise from swimwear and underwear to high fashion items. Our range includes male, female and kids bodies, torsos and trunks. This includes a variety of styles and colours including black, white, translucent and skintone.   Alternatively contact us on 028 9079 9990 or email and we will be happy to help you choose the ideal types of mannequin for your shop as well as provide further advice.]]>

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