Now In Stock – Fridja F-1400 Steamer

Fridja F-1000 Garment Steamer, the Fridja F-1400 Professional Garment Steamer offers a larger water tank, longer continuous steaming and a fantastic range of accessories. With their fun, vivid colours and great design, you can choose the steamer that suits your personality. It also means you don’t have to worry about hiding away a clunky, ugly steamer from your shop floor! The remote handle allows you to turn the machine off and on, as well as control the flow of steam without bending down to the main LCD control panel, and the range of accessory for the stainless steel head let you steam even the most awkward of garments. A great benefit of a steamer over a traditional iron is that it can be used on most types of fabrics, including delivate fabrics such as silk, satin and garments with beads and other accessories. the steam also refreshes and sanitise your items such as sofas, curtains and even babies toys. With praise from Telegraph Fashion, ‘We Love Fridja Steamers’, Asos, ‘Making Garment Steamers Sexy’ and Vodafone London Fashion Weekend ‘A Must Have’, need we say more? Check them out now by clicking here. Meto Tovel Price Guns Offering a versatile pricing option, these Meto Tovel Price Guns come in Single Line and Double Line versions, with both allowing for pricing of up to 9999.99 in £ (GBP) and € (Euro) Coming complete with 11 rolls of pricing labels, an ink roller and instructions on how to change these items, you have a great product at a fantastic price. Check out the individual of each version at the links below. Single Line Meto Tovel Price Gun Double Line Meto Tovel Price Gun We have more new products coming in over the coming months so keep you eyes on our website for the latest in shop fittings and retail equipment.]]>

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