Our Organisational Tips For Your Storage Shelves

Storage shelves in retail have invaluable benefits for your business. Storage shelves add both an aesthetic value and practical value to your retail store. Equipashop does exactly as its name states, it equips your shop with the best storage solutions for your space. Below are the main benefits that Equipashop storage shelves have in retail;

Free Up Floor Space

The biggest issue for retailers is trying to find the space to display their stock. When a retail store is short on space a retailer must find a way to maximise this space more efficiently. Storage shelves are the solution to limited floor space problems.   

It can be difficult to arrange and show your products on floor-based displays, especially if you have a little amount of available floor space. Floor-based displays take up alot of space and can often clutter the area. Being able to free up some floor space makes it a much more enjoyable shopping experience for customers as they can easily walk through the aisle. Storage spaces use up significantly less space and look tidy compared to floor-based displays such as floor baskets which are bulky and can look unorganised.

Expand Quantity of Stock on Display

Storage shelves are a great way to display more of your products. Depending on the size of the storage shelves you choose, they can hold a huge quantity of stock. This means that you can display a greater quantity of stock much clearer. It is up to you how you decide to display your products. A storage shelf gives you a lot more flexibility with how you display items. Storage bins are a great way to keep certain items together. For example, you could have all stock on display and then any extra stock in storage bins behind the stock. This way you don’t have to waste time taking stock from the warehouse and putting it on shelves because your extra stock is stored neatly on the storage shelves.


Without a doubt, storage shelves improve the appearance of your store. They will instantly make your retail store look more organised and less cluttered. Having products displayed on storage shelves compared to storage baskets or tables is much easier to look at and creates a more sophisticated look to your retail store. Equipashop is all about maximising your space so you can get the most out of your retail store. Choose from a variety of storage shelves to find the right fit for your retail store. 

Wooden Storage Shelves with mesh baskets sitting on them.

Increase Product Visibility

Storage shelves allow you to showcase your stock in an appealing way. The more distinctly your products are displayed the less chance of a customer missing a product. A customer shouldn’t have to spend ages searching for a product. They should be able to clearly see the desired product, this will lead to a more pleasant shopping experience and the customer will be more likely to come back. Having products displayed on storage shelves increases product visibility meaning that new stock will be easily noticed by customers.

2 Women looking at clothing hanging on a rail inside a storage shelf, dressed in white.

Now that you are convinced of all the benefits that storage shelves add to your retail space let’s look at how you can organise your shelves to get the most out of them. Here are Equipashop’s top tips on organising your storage shelves;  

Have a Floor Plan

Before you even decide to start staking your storage shelves it’s important to have a floor plan in place. There is no point buying storage shelves that are too big or bulky for your retail store, remember the idea of storage shelves is to optimise floor space and improve organisation. If it is a smaller retail space, having more wall shelving than floor storage will make it easier for your customers to walk around the store and clearly see products. Think of the size of your inventory and what type of storage shelves would suit the different types of inventory you have. For example, there is no point having small cubed storage shelves if the majority of your inventory is too tall to fit it in. If you have designated storage shelves for designated types of inventory it will be easier to not clutter your shelves.

Stacking Style

Equipashop believes the way you stack your shelves says a lot about your retail store. If a customer comes in and sees shelves cluttered and messy they won’t bother wasting their time trying to pick out the product they want. You need to maximise the amount of stock you can put on the shelves without compromising on presentation. Having your shelves fully packed and products facing forward looks much more professional and makes it much easier for customers to view and distinguish between products. Facing forward means that the label of the product is facing outward from the shelf, this way the customer can see what the product is without having to touch the product. Try different stacking styles for different types of stocks. To fit more stock in you can stack inventory horizontally in the back and then have the front facing stock stacked vertically. 

Label Storage Shelves

Labels are a great way to draw attention to a product. Customers will be better able to find a product that is labelled. Baskets in storage shelves are a great way to maximise the amount of stock on your shelves, however it can be hard to distinguish what is inside the boxes. Labels tackle this problem, having storage shelves clearly labelled means a customer can identify a product quicker. There are many different ways you can label your storage shelves, categories, specific products, size and so on. Having storage shelves labelled by category makes it easier for a customer to find the product. Having storage shelves not only helps customers locate products but staff too. When restocking shelves a member of staff will waste less time looking for the area in which the product should be and will spend more time getting products out on the shelves. Labelled storage shelves lead to increased efficiency and organisation.

Our Organisational Tips For Your Storage Shelves
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Our Organisational Tips For Your Storage Shelves
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