Save 5% with our New Clothes Rail Packages

all-in-one packages that provide you with everything you need to get the best out of your rail, for your needs. So far, we have added rails for use with Bridal Gowns, formal dresses & other longer garments, along with clothes suited for smaller items such as kids & baby clothes. These rails come packed with everything you need to get the best our of your garment rail and make it work for you. Our Tall Rails are perfect for bridal shops as they come with a pair of extension posts that increase the height of the rail from 5ft to 7ft, giving you plenty of room for the long formal & wedding dresses. To make things even easier, we have packs that contain wooden hangers, padded bridal hangers, gown covers and even tailors dummies. You get all these products with one click, and to make it even better, you save 5% on what you would pay if you were buying all the items separately! Our Kids Rails are great for kids and baby clothes. Bundled with a centre bar, our 4ft clothes rails make for a fantastic space saver when store and displaying your kids wear. The centre bar attaches to the middle of the rail turning the wasted space at the bottom of the rail into an additional storage space. For your older kids clothes, we have bundled in  a pair of 45cm extension posts along with the centre bar to provide extra height, whilst still using the additional space at the bottom. These kids clothes rails are also sold with wooden hangers & kids mannequins bundled in, and again you save 5% compared to buying the products individually! We will be adding more Clothes Rail Packages throughout the coming weeks that are tailored to even more uses, to provide you with even more savings.]]>

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