Showcases – put your products under the spotlight

Showcases – put your products under the spotlight   Showcases and Counters help raise retail merchandise to eye-level. A showcase can be a great addition to the area behind or beside the counter. This can showcase items like accessories, jewellery, cosmetics, collectibles, gadgets and electrical items and can easily increase impulse purchases, resulting in better profits. Being aware of the different styles, trends, and features of today’s showcases allow you to display your products more effectively. Here at Equipashop, you will find a wide range of quality showcases at outstanding value.   Here are 5 reasons to display your products in a showcase:  

  1. Showcases Raise Perceived Product Value In order to make certain products sell, an empty box on display or simply placing it on the shelf will not encourage a customer to purchase. By displaying items such as jewellery, ceramics, glassware or cutlery in a showcase it can raise the perception of quality and value by providing greater security and visual impact.
  2. Display Showcases Encourage Impulse Purchases  Particular items displayed in a showcase rather than on the shelf not only raises the perceived value of the item, but creates added desire for the item. This greater attention to detail can encourage the customer to make an impulse purchase rather than set the item or box down and walk away. This could particularly be the case with gadgets or small electrical items.
  3. Showcases Generate Interest A great way to generate interest from your customers is to position your showcase at or near your store’s point of purchase. Your sales team can be on-hand to personally exhibit the product, provide more information, and make the sale. If a customer asks an employee to view an item from the showcase, the employee has a captive audience for the sale.
  4. Display Showcases Offer Versatility Showcases can be customised to solve the solutions of any retail environment. From tall cases to corner units cases, counters, wall cases and rotating units, there is an appropriate solution available for any store. There are so many varieties of showcases that can articulate a certain store image or brand concept, all of them versatile to reflect the needs of a changing retail environment.
  5. Showcases Show Your Retail Business at its Best Of course you want to display your products in a way that will show them at their very best. A showcase will do this by putting them under the spotlight; a sparkling, well-kept product showcase tells your customers that you care about your store and your merchandise. This cultivates integrity, brand equity and ultimately a successful retail business.
  Whether you have an antique-themed gift shop or a contemporary boutique, there is a showcase designed for your store. Implementing a wall display case frees up floor space and highlights your merchandise more effectively. With the addition of interior lighting and mirrored backs, these display cases will be at customers’ eye level presenting your items in an attractive and high impact manner.]]>

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