The Best Addition You Can Make – The Benefits Of Mannequins!

Mannequin displays are essentially what draw customers into your shop. A window mannequin display can be the determining factor of whether a customer chooses to go into your shop or keeps walking. A poorly designed mannequin display will give out a negative impression to customers. A successful mannequin display should grab the attention of potential customers. In this blog we will look at the best way to set up a mannequin display and how you can maintain an attractive mannequin display.

2 Mannequins in a store window, dressed in neutral colours. The Mannequin on the left is wearing a coat, with a yellow handbag and the Mannequin on the right is wearing a shirt and skirt.

There are many ways in which you can set up a mannequin display in your shop. We recommend that you focus on these steps the most when setting up a mannequin display.


Pick where you are going to put your mannequin display. We recommend that every store if possible should have a window display. The window of your store is the first thing that customers see before they even step foot inside your door. Having mannequins inside is also a great way for you to utilise the space and market your products at the same time. People will buy what they see. A mannequin allows a customer to visualise an outfit that they may not have put together by themselves. Put a mannequin as close as possible to the clothes it is wearing as this will make it easier for the customer to find the whole outfit while still being able to see the mannequin. If a customer has to run around the shop to every detail of the outfit they may be turned off of buying the outfit altogether.

New Stock / Accessories

Dress your mannequin in the newest stock available in your store. If customers see new pieces of clothing on the mannequin they will shop around to see what else is new in the shop. Having different colours of clothing and matching it with jewellery and hats makes it easier for customers to notice if your mannequins have been changed. Mannequin displays are a great way for your store to showcase its accessories. Matching a bag, glasses and shoes to an outfit will make the mannequin stand out and it will direct the customer’s eye to other sections of the store.

Adding accessories to your mannequins also caters for customers who value accessories more than clothing. For example, someone who prefers to spend their money on handbags may walk past your window display as they think clothing is all your store has to offer. If you add a handbag to your mannequin display it might entice this type of customer to come into the shop to see what else you have. Equipashop have head mannequin displays and leg mannequin displays to specifically allow you to showcase hats and shoes to customers. Having these items on standalone mannequins draws attention solely to them.


Having different sizes and types of mannequins will add variety to your store. Customers want to see themselves in the outfits that you display. If a customer can’t visualise themselves in the outfit because the mannequin is of a very different build to them they won’t waste their time buying it. Diversifying your mannequins is so important to make all your customers feel valued and included. It also shows that your clothing caters for all different shapes and sizes.

3 Female mannequins in a store with overhead lighting. Each mannequin in wearing trendy clothes in neutral colours

Equipashop have many great mannequins for your store to choose from to enhance your shop’s look. It is up to you to style your mannequins how you wish but here are a few tips we have to help you maintain an attractive mannequin display.

Stay on Trend

It is important that your mannequin display stays on trend with what is new in fashion. If neon colours are in then at least one of your mannequin displays should showcase the brightest and boldest neon outfits your store has to offer. If it is festival season your mannequin display should reflect that. Styling your mannequins to keep up with the newest trends is a great way to maintain an attractive mannequin display. For example, if knee high boots are on trend because a famous celebrity wore them to an event, you should style your mannequin with knee high boots to attract customers who keep up with trends and want to wear what celebrities are wearing. Also by styling your mannequin customers may be more inclined to buy the outfit as a whole to recreate the provided look instead of individual items. 

Update Regularly

In order to maintain an attractive mannequin display you should think about changing your mannequin display regularly. A good rule of thumb is to change your mannequin when new stock is brought in. If customers are seeing the same mannequin display they will assume there is no new stock in store. However if you change your mannequin display regularly with new and fresh stock, customers will come into the store to see what else is available. Also using a variety of mannequins and switching them regularly will catch a customers eye. Equipashop have many different mannequins that you can use in your store such as vintage mannequins and children mannequins.

Colourful background

A well dressed mannequin display is a great way to attract customers, however white background and just your mannequin can be quite boring. In order to really wow potential customers, more effort will have to be put into your whole display and not just your mannequin display. Having the ground surrounding your mannequin covered in decorations such as faux flowers or confetti, adds colour and life to your display. A funky background behind your mannequin also makes your mannequin pop that little bit more. You want people to stop and look at your window, not walk past it. Adding that little bit extra to your display will do just that. For example, you could decorate your background to match the seasons, having flowers and foliage in burnt oranges, yellows and browns during Autumn and for your Winter display you could have fake snow and Christmas decorations surrounding your mannequins.

5 female mannequins standing side to side in a shop window. Each of the mannequins is dressed in black or red clothing.
How Mannequins Can Help You!
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How Mannequins Can Help You!
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