The perfect model for a photo-shoot?

display heads they intend to use it for displaying jewellery, hats, wigs etc.  But sometimes we have customers that use them for other reasons (including for a child to practice putting on makeup). Sandy Weir, of Sandy Weir Photography, needed a subject to practice his photography, and for him, our Female Plastic Head Display was the perfect model for him. This is what Sandy had to say:   GETTING A HEAD HAS BEEN ONE OF MY BETTER BUYING DECISIONS. Even for an established professional photographer, it still makes sense to practice a range of portrait lighting techniques especially when using new and unfamiliar light modifying gear; the problem is that friends and family are understandably reluctant to give up their time to allow us to tinker and fuss with our lighting equipment. When I first started out, many years ago now, I had the loan of a wig head from a local fashion shop but having recently read an article on a US forum I was reminded how useful the head had been as a model. So I decided it was time I invested in a suitable mannequin head; after a bit of research on the internet I luckily chanced upon and duly ordered a Female Plastic Head Display (ref. 5475) together with a White Mannequin Wig (ref. 5477) – I probably wouldn’t have gone for a white wig but this was the only colour available at the time and thought it would be better than nothing. The head arrived promptly and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of both the head and the wig. The facial features are well defined including the realistic looking eyes (most important in photography) and also the eye-lashes; being able to turn the head on the neck is also very welcome and probably best of all at a reasonably modest price. I suspect if this product were to be marketed by a photographic prop supplier the price would easily be marked 2 – 3higher. The bottom line …… I am absolutely delighted; my “Eve” is the best model anyone could ask for. To date I have conducted a lot of lighting tests and she has never complained once about the time I’ve taken!   For the photographical minded people out there, Sandy said the lighting patterns he used was Rim, Butterfly, Loop, Rembrandt   To see more of Sandy’s work visit Sandy Weir Photography   Do you have a story you want to submit to us?  If so please contact

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