What is so Great about GRIDWALL?

What is Gridwall?

Gridwall is a heavy-duty wire/mesh display system used for display in a wide variety of trades including retail shops, exhibitions, cafes and can even be found in home settings such as garages. They are constructed of welded steel wire and finished in chrome which gives them a modern, clean look. The mesh panels are composed of 3-inch squares and are all 2ft wide but available in varying heights of 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, and 7ft.

Why use Gridwall?

Gridwall is extremely popular due to its versatility, it can be wall-mounted but can also be used as a freestanding display. In order to mount a panel to a wall just requires the addition of wall brackets to the panel and that is you ready to go. To create a free-standing display you have a variety of options to choose from which means you can create something that is perfect for you. Gridwall is so easy to work with, the displays can be put up and taken down quickly making it a very flexible, useful product. It is a strong item but at the same time very light meaning it can be transported easily which is particularly helpful for exhibitions, pop-up shops, conferences, shows and so on.

The range of accessories for Gridwall is wide and varied from notched arms to peg arms, shelf brackets to grid shelves, freestanding legs to 4-way displays there is literally something to suit everyone. The fittings are extremely easy to pop into place and can be removed and re-assembled in different positions giving an entirely different display/look while using the same accessories. Customers love the fact that they can freshen up or change the whole look of a display with very little effort and cost. The panels can be used either portrait or landscape which is helpful when trying to use up every available space for display.

It is an extremely cost-effective system, the fact it can be used over and over again means that cost per use is very economical and a big reason why people choose to use it. The accessories for it can be purchased individually which means you only have to buy what you need should that be one single arm, there is no wastage with this system. Even though it can be easily put up and taken down it and is used really well as a temporary display, it has the look of a permanent fixture which is why it is so popular throughout different industries.

Home use of Gridwall is on the increase with homeowners realising how useful it is, how versatile and how can be used in different rooms from offices, using it for keeping useful info to hand on the wall in front of your desk to garages, using it for storing ‘stuff’ on the wall and getting everything up off the garage floor. (Check out Pinterest for inspiring and creative uses of Gridwall)

The fact that Gridwall can be seen through is beneficial from a sales point of view but also from the point of view of store security. Customers can see through them meaning they can see other displays in your store and so your store isn’t closed off as it could be with other display systems. At the same time, the store employees can monitor security with there being no areas in the store with obstructed views thanks to the gridwall system.

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