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What Brexit means for Equipashop

Brexit came into effect on January 1st 2021

We want to assure our customers that there is no change to the purchasing, processing or delivery times of orders and they remain as they were before Brexit.

No custom charges, No custom rules!

But why?

We distribute from our warehouse in Belfast, which means we fall under the "Northern Ireland Protocol". Northern Ireland effectively remains in the EU's single market for goods, so that means there are no custom rules/charges for goods going to Republic of Ireland or the rest of the EU.  It also means the there are no custom rules/charges for products going from N.Ireland to Britain. 

For how long?

According to the "Northern Ireland Protocol", after 4 years the N.Ireland Assembly can vote to leave the protocol, if they wish to do so.

So no disruption?

Some couriers are reporting they are currently under pressure with Brexit or Covid related issues in general, but this is unrelated to our order processing and dispatch times as they remain unchanged.