Acrylic Containers

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  1. Acrylic Box - 65mm Square
  2. Acrylic Box - 125mm Square
  3. Acrylic Box - 100mm Square
  4. Acrylic Box - 150mm Square
  5. Acrylic Box - 225mm Square
  6. Acrylic Box - 300mm Square
  7. Acrylic Tray with Dividers

    Acrylic Tray with Dividers

    £38.63 Excl. Vat

    Portable Merchandising
    Effective Display - up to 5 separate compartments
    Ready to Use straight from the box
    Durable 2mm moulded plastic
    Easily Assembled - All clips and dividers included
    Lightweight allows it to be easily moved around your shop
    Great Value for a Quality Product

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  8. Perspex / Acrylic Block 10cm x 15cm
  9. Perspex / Acrylic Block 15cm x 20cm
Showing 9 Item(s)
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