Necklace Displays

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  1. Clear Necklet Stand

    Clear Necklet Stand

    £2.99 Excl. Vat

    Freestanding Clear acrylic necklace stand suitable for displaying one single necklace

    Dimensions (approx)

    Height: 180mm
    Width: 165mm
    Thickness 3mm

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  2. Clear Necklet
  3. Pendant Display Satin
  4. Large Clear Multi Necklace
  5. Small Multi Necklace Satin
  6. Large Satin Black Multi Necklace
  7. Large Frosted Multi Necklace
  8. Black Flock Display Neck (M)
  9. Frosted Necklet
  10. Large Frosted Necklet
  11. Chrome Necklace Stand

    Chrome Necklace Stand

    £33.71 Excl. Vat
  12. 450mm T-Stand

    450mm T-Stand

    £18.55 Excl. Vat
  13. Large Clear Necklet

    Large Clear Necklet

    £7.23 Excl. Vat
  14. Black Necklet

    Black Necklet

    £7.05 Excl. Vat
  15. Large Black Necklet

    Large Black Necklet

    £7.96 Excl. Vat
  16. 600mm T-Stand

    600mm T-Stand

    £20.59 Excl. Vat
  17. White Flock Display Neck (M)
  18. Black Flock Display Neck
  19. White Flock Display Neck (L)
  20. Black Flock Display Neck (L)

    Black Flock Display Neck (L)

    £15.50 Excl. Vat
    • Black Flock Finish 
    • Ready to use 
    • Excellent value - high quality and low price 
    • Great for displaying necklaces and pendants 
    • Sits securely on flat surface
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  21. Black Flock Display Aid
  22. Heavy Duty Necklace Stand

    Heavy Duty Necklace Stand

    £51.17 Excl. Vat

    This necklace stand is a great retail display not only for long necklaces but ties, belts and scarves. Clear acrylic made from 6 & 8mm thick acrylic.

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Showing 22 Item(s)
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