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Visual Merchandising - Window Displays


Window Displays can be one of those tasks that is easily put to the back of that ever growing list of things to do, but it can be the best way to entice customers into your store.

To give you a helping hand, we have put together some hints and tips on how to approach, plan and produce an eye catching, customer enticing window display. If you have any of your own tips, or have designed some great window displays that you think would inspire your peers, let us know on Twitter, Facebook or email and we can add them to our lists.

Tell a Story

Your window displays don’t just showcase your products to potential customers, they also give your customers an insight into the culture and brand they can buy into.

Think about the products you are going to showcase, how they can enhance or add to your customers life and bring this lifestyle change into your display. Don’t be afraid to capture the imagination of your customers. Props are a great way to add depth to your story. You can do this without having to spend extra money by being thrifty with household items, old stock & finding items in charity shops. We have some great examples of ‘upcycled’ items used in window displays on our Pinterest boards.

Humans process information much easier when in the form of a story so take a little time to plan your window display, or scribble down bullet points to keep you focused on a theme.

Odd Numbers

Odd numbers work well when designing your display. They bring a focal point to your window that your customers eyes will naturally follow.

Using 3 items is a great way to bring focus to the middle item. The middle is where your customers eyes will be drawn too, and they will work their way around your display from there.


Colour can be used in many different ways. Some like to go wild and add a little bit of every colour into their window displays. Others like to keep it more simple and clean. This really depends on the product you are trying to sell and the emotion and culture you want your customers to buy into.

Depending on the mood you are trying to set, choose colours that will make your items stand out. Using a colour scheme of 3 colours allows you to keep a clean, simple design at the same time as having a dynamic, eye catching display. This kind of design works for every type of product and can provide the hook your customers eyes are looking for.


Adding textures is a great way to bring your displays to life. You can purchase texture wallpapers that look like wool, wood, books etc but you don’t always need to go to that expense.

Using leaves from your garden, wooden blocks, old curtains or any other bits and pieces that you might have laying around at home can be utilised in your displays. As long as they fit in with the story and product you are trying to sell, they will work in your window display!


You can take your inspiration from anywhere. It could be from a film, a piece of art, a shape, a colour, just let your imagination and ideas unfold. Look at other shop windows as you walk down the High Street to see what they are doing. Check out blogs such as for the latest Visual Trends and ideas from London, Paris & New York.