Picture Hanging System

Picture hanging system is consists of 3 parts:

  • A track that is fixed into the wall 
  • A rod, hook with a nylon rope or stainless steel rope, for hang of the track
  • A hook or clip that attaches to the rod or rope to hang the picture or item from

The beauty of the picture hanging system is that once the track has been fixed it is very easy to adjust the position of where it item is hanging

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  1. White Picture Hanging Track - 2m
  2. Satin Picture Hanging Track - 2m
  3. Steel Hanging Cable with Hook 244cm
  4. Nylon Hanging Cable with Hook 244cm
  5. Smart Spring for Nylon Hook
  6. Self Gripping Hook
  7. Self gripping J Hook

    Self gripping J Hook

    £1.25 Excl. Vat
  8. Self Locking Gallery Hook
  9. 1800mm Long Picture Hanging Rod
Showing 9 Item(s)
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