Tailors' Dummies

Tailors' Dummies provide a well fitted, timeless display for your clothing. Perfect for Bridal shops & Fashion Boutiques, our Tailors' Dummies are one of our most popular fashion display products.

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Tailors Dummies - Timeless, Sophisticated Displays

Our Tailors Dummies are one of our most popular products and provide a fantastic, timeless clothing display that showcases your clothing with a tailored fit. Available in various colours and styles, they can fit into any store from Bridal shops to Boutiques, Casual Wear to Motorcycle stores.

Our dummies are height adjustable and come complete with a neck cap to tidy away the excess torso cover. The polystyrene bust provides you with a pinnable solution allowing you to tailor the clothing on display.

You can also use a tailors dummy to adjust and tailor your clothing, be it personally or commercially.

The torso covers are changeable, allowing you to get new covers, or if your own has been in the store for a while and needs freshened up, you can simply pop the cover into the washing machine.

These ever popular displays will make a great addition to your store displays and come at a fantastic price.