Accessory Hangers

Our Accessory hangers offer you a fantastic way to hang and merchandise your scarves, ties, belts, socks and small items that are held in packets or boxes.
You will also find a range of hanger accessories such as clothes hanger connectors that allow you to save space on rails or keep outfits together by hanging one clothes hanger off another.
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  1. Scarf Hanger 10cm (250 box)
  2. Softgrip sock hanger (50 pack)
  3. Scarf Hanger 10cm (50 box)
  4. Swivel peg clip White mini
  5. Universal Clip Black (50 box)
  6. Scarf Hanger 12cm (50 box)
  7. Scarf Hanger 12cm (250 box)
  8. Swivel peg clip Black mini
  9. Tie Hook Hanger (Box of 50)

    Tie Hook Hanger (Box of 50)

    £4.25 Excl. Vat
    • Strong
    • Secure
    • Plastic design
    • Simple to Use
    • Tie and Accessory Hanger
    • Ready to Use
    • Great Value for a Quality Product

    These Tie Hook Hangers come in boxes of 50 and provide you with a simple and secure hanger display for your ties. The tie simply wraps around the middle hook with the bottom hook and top of the hanger then holding it securly in place. The hangers can be used for other accessoriesd such as small scarves etc. the strong plastic design offers a lasting solution to hanging your ties and accessories up

    Product Code: 02-020-002

    Qty Per Pack: 50 Tie Hook Hangers

    Colour: Black

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  10. 22' White Blanket Display Hanger
  11. Belt Hook Hangers (Box of 50)
  12. Poly hook (100 box)
  13. Short Hanger Connector (Box of 1000)
  14. Belt hooks (2500 box)

    Belt hooks (2500 box)

    £129.99 Excl. Vat
Showing 14 Item(s)
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