Clothes Rails

A retail essential, clothes racks are used daily in your stock room, warehouse or on your shop floor. With a host of heavy duty garment rails in stock in a range of styles, you can merchandise your store with the highest quality of rails.

Clothes Rails

Clothes Rails / Garment Racks -  Great Quality, Fantastic Value!

"...they are one of the best buys ever: sturdy, easy to assemble (and disassemble), pleasing on the eye and excellent value for money!"


  •   Strong Clothes Rails
  •   Highest Quality Retail & Warehouse Clothing Rails
  •   Great range of styles to suit your needs
  •   Fantastic Value, Great Quality

With a range of clothes rails available including Folding Sale Rep Rails, Heavy Duty Clothes Rails and center-floor display rails such as our 4 Way Unit, you will find the rail to suit your needs.

Our best selling, free standing Clothes Rails offer a versatile, heavy duty rail suitable for the busy warehouse, shop floor or stock room.

With a host of clothes rail accessories available, you can adapt your new rail to suit your needs. Be it a set of extension posts to increase the height of your garment rails (especially useful for hanging dresses and gowns), center bars to add additional rail space to the middle of your rail (great for kids clothing) or a new set of castors, you can customize your rail to suit your needs.

You can also get add ons for the 2, 3, 4 & 6 way rails including shelf brackets to really enhance your shop merchandising options.